Adventure playgrounds

There are no limits on fantasy at these adventure playgrounds. Children can climb, build, do handicrafts and play in the water and mud in sheltered areas.

What child doesn’t dream of experiencing a truly fun adventure – where they can build a cottage, secure a dam on a stream and build a fire? When children are given the space, the right tools and a safe environment where they can let their creativity and imagination flow, both the children and their parents will be happy at the end of the day.

In addition to a jungle gym and slide, these adventure playgrounds offer a range of activities, adventures and programs to make children’s hearts leap for joy.


Platz Winti

The children are actively involved in designing the playground – they can build huts, tinker, paint to their hearts content and turn their own ideas into reality.
Zürich Affoltern


Here children can build cottages, dam streams, build fires, bake snake bread, pretend to be pirates, climb and play to their heart’s content.


An adventure experience with playground, petting zoo and BBQ areas. The absolute highlight: children can build huts in the area where the goats and donkeys live.

Adventure Playground Robi

An exciting playground with tons to offer. From a jungle gym, slide and sandpit to a village of huts, handicraft pavilion and holiday program.

Adventure Playground Robi

Building cottages, damming streams, playing hide-and-seek and grilling in the BBQ areas. There’s lots to discover at this adventure playground.

Playground "Spielplatz im Graben"

Playing on climbing equipment, slides, suspension bridges, Tarzan swinging ropes, trampolines, swings and lots more in the middle of the city.

GZ Wipkingen

A paradise for neighborhood children, with a slide, sandpit, climbing net, water play equipment, wading pool and picnic areas.

Dwarves’ outdoor activity playground

Creating shapes and making bricks with clay, discovering nature in the Weidtunnel and finding out everything about the brickyard on the trolley.

Multifaceted Zurich

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