Adventure trails and hiking paths for children

Easy hikes with games, riddles, stories and much more for the whole family.

Listening to stories, getting in touch with nature with all five senses, learning exciting things about battles and noble families or walking down the solar system. Following the beavers’ track, going on fun adventures with “Spatz Männi” the sparrow or helping the millipede Freddy Fratzel find his favorite sock. Discovering, playing, listening and learning: This and so much more await families on the following adventure trails.

For the perfect day outdoors, one activity should never be skipped: A great barbecue at one of the numerous public fire places along the hiking and adventure trails.

So: Put on your walking shoes and pack your backpack, the next adventure is waiting!

Baden | Distance 13 km

Habsburger Path

The famous noble family comes from Aargau. On this beautiful path, you learn about the family history and explore original locations.
Uetliberg | Distance 6 km

Planet Trail

Walk the distances of our solar system in meters from Uetliberg to Felsenegg and learn everything about our nine planets, including the dwarf planet.
Morgarten | Distance 5 km

Morgarten Trail

Learn everything about the legendary battle of Morgarten at the Ägerisee and experience the place of action first hand with a radio play.
Wildberg | Distance 5 km

Freddy Fratzel Adventure Trail

Freddy Fratzel has lost his favorite sock - children and families go on its quest and experience what challenges a millipede encounters in everyday life.
Zugerberg | Distance 4.5 km


Zugiblubbi, the friendly ghost of the Zugerberg, takes its guests on an exciting adventure with great riddles and a treasure hunt.
Stoos | Distance 4.3 km

Mountain Inn Trail

This easy hike is something for gourmands of all ages. Discover 3 of the 6 cozy mountain restaurants and the best cheeses along the path.
Raten | Distance 4 km

Naturena Sensory Path

On the Sensory Path, children experience firsthand and in a playful way, how animals overcome everyday challenges in the forest.
Tössegg | Distance 4 km

WWF Beaver Trail

Tracking beavers and exploring gnawing tracks, waterways and learning interesting facts about the rodent on information boards.
Amden | Distance 3.6 km

Mungge Trail

Explore the secrets of nature with Amdo the Marmot - the circuit includes 12 stations where there is plenty to discover and experience.

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