Zoos, farms and other animal attractions in the Children’s Region

Brilliant places to discover domestic and exotic animals, from prehistoric times to the present day.

It roars and growls, grunts and quacks, and sometimes it just quietly crawls in the corner: Here are some perfect places to go with kids and discover wildlife from up close.

In the Children's Region numerous zoos, wildlife parks and museums are dedicated exclusively to nature and the animal kingdom. Whether you are a researcher exploring fossils and dinosaurs from prehistoric times, experiencing nature on the back of a donkey, observing domestic and exotic animals in their everyday life, or learning all about them on a zoo safari; the Children’s Region has a lot to offer in terms of animal and nature activities for children, where they are free to discover, observe, learn, pet and feed. Here, the children explore the animal world in a playful way and sometimes even from really up close.


Naturzentrum Thurauen

Birds, butterflies, frogs and beavers live in these meadows. Outside, or in interactive exhibitions, biologists – big and small – learn everything about this exciting place.

Bruno Weber Park

A fairy world come true with oversized and colorful sculptures. Curious minds are welcome to walk in and inspect them from up close.

Uznach Stork Colony

Along with 150 bird species, the stork too, made Uznach its home. All year long, hobby ornithologists can observe the animals from up close.

Multifaceted Zurich

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