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Our insider tip for family fun at the weekend is Switzerland's only Vitaparcours trail for families!

We get into our sports gear at home, then head off to the Vitaparcours JUNIOR in Baden’s Chrüzliberg forest. This Vitaparcours trail is specially adapted for families – it’s incorporated into the adult trail, making it perfect for kids and grown-ups alike.

At the first stop, we’re greeted by Zack, a little fox, along with his forest friends Merlin the owl, Daisy the rabbit, Tim the squirrel and Carla the deer, who invite us on a forest adventure. No problem – we’re ready to go! At the next stops, they show us exercises and challenge us to copy them: Grow like a tree, run like a gnome, hop like a rabbit, hang like a bat, balance like a squirrel and fly like a bird. We work our way through the exercises obediently. The little one thinks they’re so cool that she invents a few of her own at each stop.

It’s wonderful to be here in the forest, just the two of us, with the sun shining through the branches as we keep active – walking, running, jumping over rocks and branches and having plenty of fun, too! Even searching for the next stop is an adventure in itself. Who will find it first? Which of the forest friends will teach us the exercise? We’ve even come up with our own points system for these matters where each decision is final.


We feel a little sad when Zack and his forest friends say their goodbyes at the last stop, but we promise to come back and pay another visit to the forest soon.


  • Tip: There are plenty of barbecue areas along the way. You can also quite easily incorporate a nice picnic into the Vitaparcours trail.
  • Remember to bring: Backpack with drink and snacks, a handkerchief and something to sit on.
  • Info: As is often the case, there are no toilets in the forest...
  • Getting there: The Vitaparcours trail begins just above Liebenfels cemetery in Baden and is easily accessible by car and bus (RVBW bus no. 2 in the direction of Spreitenbach to the Liebenfels stop). The signs for the Vitaparcours parking area are easy to spot.


Vitaparcours JUNIOR Chrüzliberg

Vitaparcours in Zurich


March, 2018


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