An adventure-filled afternoon at Explorit Kindercity

Exciting, educational and oh so sweet – an extended visit to Explorit Kindercity

With workshops, the Knowledge Trails and interactive games, Kindercity is an exciting world rich in variety and full of discoveries.

We couldn’t have chosen a better Saturday afternoon for our visit to Kindercity. The weather was grey, cold and rainy when we entered the not too overcrowded Kindercity around noon.

Beforehand, we booked an hour at the Chocolate Workshop for our daughters. Booking an activity in one of the workshops was very easy, we just had to make one phone call. On the Kindercity website, visitors find all kinds of workshop offers, such as the Bread Workshop, Craft Workshop, Dinosaur Workshop or Car Workshop. The offers change regularly.

Already in the entrance hall, a huge machine got our girls excited. It blew coffee cups into the air and nearly led them to forget the upcoming chocolate adventure. They could even build their own flying objects and let them hover in the air. Because, doing it yourself is so much more fun!

On their way to the workshop, they quickly let little gondolas rise into the crown of the tree, whispered their secrets to each other through a long pipe and hid in the restaurant’s playhouse. We were only able to lure them out with the promise of the impending chocolate workshop.

Flying coffee cups in the entrance hall
Beetle Lane – there is so much to discover

Choco Pops and quizzes at the Chocolate Workshop

For one hour, the two of them had fun at the Chocolate Workshop. They eagerly produced choco pops, solved quizzes and created their own labels. In the meantime, we watched them having fun through the large windows of the café while enjoying a well-deserved coffee. 

With sparkling eyes and a bag filled with chocolate (which I quickly stowed away in my bag), we went to the next Kindercity adventure! The Knowledge Trails were waiting!

Already at the turnstile, the kids were eager to experience and discover

We started at the Beetle Lane and could hardly follow our girls. They were so excited, they wanted to see and experience everything at once.

They disappeared somewhere and reappeared at the other end of the room. They danced, jumped, hopped, made frogs croak. They measured how tall and heavy they are and discovered that a fly sees the world completely differently than we do (in tiles). Together, they counted all the colors of the rainbow and fished rubber duckies out of the real-water river. (Hot tip: Bring some extra clothes and socks with you and keep an eye on the kids).

How great, I thought, Kindercity is fabulous. Finally, an outing with the kids that meets everyone’s needs, where nobody complains that it’s too boring, too hard or too complicated.



From a real truck to a gigantic set of teeth to a weather forecast studio

The range of topics are diverse and so they run from the gigantic caterpillar, where they can feel out things to the walk-on piano, where they hopped some tunes. They made an imprint of their bodies, in the jungle, they drew some pictures and finally climbed into the cabin of the truck that even blinks.

We tested our responsiveness and, with the help of a skeleton, observed how our entire body moves when we are riding a bike. And, lastly, we brushed a gigantic set of teeth.

When we arrived at the expedition trail downstairs, they were quite tired. But it was nevertheless very impressive to witness how many facts about nature, the environment, science, technology and energy were conveyed in a playful manner.

When we reached the activity trail, they got their second wind and had a blast finding out in how many different ways the body can move. At 6 pm, we had to employ our best trick in the book in order to get our self-proclaimed weathergirls out of the weather forecast studio and finally the Kindercity.

In conclusion: We will come back and next time maybe even with an entire school class.


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February, 2019

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