Checklist for winter vacation!

Our checklist to banish boredom during winter vacation: the best musts ever!

Just in case your children become really, really bored during winter vacation: this is the perfect to-do list for us parents to have on hand!

A list full of all the crazy and fun activities that make children’s lives carefree. When was the last time we spun around in the snow until we fell over? Made a snow angel? Wandered through a bright winter’s night? When did we last go sledding or lick an icicle? That’s right. When we were carefree children!

o Eat chocolate for breakfast. You need loooads of energy in winter

o Breathe on a windowpane and use your finger to draw a heart on it

o Go tobogganing

o Have a snowball fight

o Read a book

o Make a snow angel

o Do a sudoku

o Shower yourself with snow

o Paint a wintry picture

o Make ice candles

o Build a snowman

o Run through a snowdrift until you’re out of breath

o Go skiing

o Make ice balls

o Take a snow shoe hike

o Bake a cake

o Dye snow using food coloring

o Take a horse-drawn carriage ride

o Go ice skating

o Build an igloo

o Walk through a winter forest

o Have a go at curling

o Make a bird feeder

o Go and look for tracks in the snow

o Crochet a hat

o Let yourself properly relax

o Find some warm water and go swimming outside

o Write a winter’s tale

o Have a hot bath

o Catch snowflakes on your tongue

o Dance in the snow

o Go on a wintry photo tour

o Drink a warm Ovo with marshmallows

o Bury a few things in the snow and organize a treasure hunt

o Hand-knit a scarf

o Visit the penguins at the zoo and see their parade

o Spin around in the snow until you become dizzy and fall over

o Watch a winter film

o Wade through deep snow

o Go bobsledding

o Wait for a full moon and go on a wintry night walk

o Play a game with the whole family

o Light up the fire and have a winter barbecue

Why not print the list out, give it to your children and let them work through it? As a reward for when they complete a task, you can let them lick an icicle!

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Die Angelones:
Rita Angelone
As a mother of two sons aged 10 and 12, every day of my life is an adventure. We love pasta, football and more. We’re sporty, nature-loving, passionate and down-to-earth. For the Children’s Region, we are striking out on the trail of the coolest leisure activities for you!
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