Zurich for Children Tour

Children’s city tour in Zurich

Take children on a journey of discovery through “Turicum” (the Latin name for Zurich) – as a family, on their birthday or with their school class.

City tours are not just for adults. They are also exciting for children, especially when they combine informative and interesting facts with fun and adventure, and bring history to life in a playful way. Children can experience Zurich’s old town from a completely different perspective on a city tour specifically tailored to them.

Did you know? The Guardian Angel by Niki watches over the main station

The tour starts at the train station, where the children not only get to see the Guardian Angel by Niki de St. Phalle, but also learn about the railway service. For example, they may well be amazed to learn that Zurich’s main station handles around 3,000 train journeys a day, making it one of the busiest train station in the world!


The Haus zur Trülle: where offenders used to be punished!

The tour continues towards Bahnhofstrasse, which – and children always love to hear this – 150 years ago was still a stinky frog ditch. At the Haus zur Trülle, where offenders used to be put on display in a rotating cage, they learn more about the unspeakable torture techniques of the past.


The Lindenhof: center of a Roman settlement

Through the narrow streets of the medieval city center, the tour continues on to the Lindenhof, where the children can really immerse themselves in the Roman era.


In Thermengasse: where the Romans used to bathe!

As the walk continues through the narrow Thermengasse, the children get an impression of what a Roman bath might have looked like. And something really special: you can see the exposed archaeological remains of the thermal baths through a grid on the floor.


Amazing historical model of the city

Naturally, the city tour also includes the city archives located in the Haus zum Rech, one of the most beautiful and idiosyncratic town houses in Zurich. The historical city model of Zurich around 1800 never fails to astonish children!


The “Ehgraben”, once the dirtiest and most gruesome street in Zurich

And the best of the tour is saved until last: using the Ehgraben (known locally as the “Schissigässli”) as an example, the children find out how people used to live before we had sewage systems. Eeeww!!!!


Oh yes, on this city tour created especially for children and families, children discover Zurich’s old town with all their senses. The guided tour is a successful combination of exciting and funny old town stories and fascinating archaeological evidence. And best of all: after this city excursion, the children will know more about Zurich than most adults!

You can find further information about the city tour for children here.


Children’s city tour in Zurich


May, 2018

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