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Cool activities for cool kids

As children - sorry, kids! - get older, they want to do cool stuff. And by cool, they mostly mean something fast, something risky, just something cool! So it's fortunate that there’s plenty of really cool stuff to do in and around Zurich.

Bikepark Zurich: a playground for bikes of all sizes

The 5,500 m2 Bikepark Zurich is perfect for fitness, fun and frolics – and not just for the cool kids. Bikepark Zurich is a park for everyone. Little kids on their tricycles, older kids and teenagers, and adults, too, from amateurs to pros – they can all find the right track here, whatever the difficulty level. The facility combines three sections, a BMX area, jump track and pump track. It is decorated with lovely greenery and has a chillout area, benches, a fountain and even a barbecue spot – “non-bikers”, including parents who just want to watch, will feel right at home here!

It’s always time for action!
Freestyle fever

Inside or out: places for kids to cure their freestyle fever

When the kids are hit by an epidemic of freestyle fever and are looking for a place where they can let loose with their scooter or their skateboard, there are options for good weather and bad.

At Skillspark in Winterthur, cool kids can enjoy a 6,000 m2 skate park split across two levels. But that’s not all: the park also boasts Big Air jumps, a trampoline zone, parkour and free running facilities, a ballgame arena and a fitness area. Skillspark is the biggest sports hall in Europe for extreme and everyday sporting activities - “totally rad”, as the kids might say! However, the space is suitable for professionals and beginners alike. Thanks to the bistro, it has also got something to offer parents too!

Zurich Freestylepark offers kids an 8,000 m2 street area with ramps, steps and walls and a pool area. The facility is open every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and is located in Brunau, close to Bikepark Zurich! Freestyle Halle Zürich is an all-weather facility with 1,000 m2 of space for skateboarding, BMX, stunt scooters and lots of other activities on wheels! Located in Grünau, the facility is open seven days a week.

Kids can also find great skate parks in Baar and Zug: Skatepark Cube, along with the Aktionshaus Cube, is right next to the Waldmannhalle in Baar. Skatepark Baar overlooks the Zugersee lake, near the harbor restaurant.

A playground for bikes of all sizes
Kids can also find great skate parks in Baar and Zug

Action & fun in the bouldering hall

Bouldering, i.e. climbing boulder blocks, walls or artificial climbing walls you can jump off without ropes or belts, is very popular with kids. Your little ones can enjoy a bouldering session in Zurich at the Minimum-Boulderhalle. Here, they can get to grips with the climbing wall and learn basic principles and techniques to help them move around the bouldering hall with ease. And there's no need for us parents to worry, as the kids can only climb up to a height they can jump from without hurting themselves!


More indoor action activities

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November, 2017


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