Every child has their own

A miracle cure for fidgets?

Every generation of kids has its own toy crazes. From yo-yos and Rubik’s cubes to Tamagotchis and Monchichis – we’ve seen them all.

Fidget spinners: have they turned our heads?

Every generation of kids has its own toy crazes. From yo-yos and Rubik’s cubes to Tamagotchis and Monchichis – we’ve seen them all. Toys have now entered a new, ultra-modern era: the latest craze is for these new hand-held spinning tops – better known as fidget spinners – which have conquered the entire world, including Switzerland’s kids!

A miracle cure for fidgets?

Fidget spinners look like they come from outer space and resemble ninja throwing stars. You spin them fast between your fingers. Playing with them is said to reduce stress, as they help to steady restless children’s fingers and hands and improve their concentration. To be honest, a pen could do the same job. But anyway.
For a while, our boys could not really get involved, since thanks to the huge hype they were unable to get one of these sought-after and thus sold-out items anywhere, until recently. Before they were finally back in stock, our boys had already built themselves a fidget spinner out of LEGO. Homespun, nice and easy. As well as helping to steady their restless fingers just as well, this also let them practice their concentration and creativity, and learn something useful as it will stay with them – even once the fidget spinner boom disappears as quickly as it arrived.

“A fidget spinner bath bomb! How exciting!”
I’m a little music box, too!

Or are they just cheap rubbish?

But we’re not quite there yet. The scarcity of supply has since been resolved and anything that could remotely be called a “shop” now sells these spinners – their origin is dubious at times and the therapeutic benefits have since been called into question. And yes: our boys now have fidget spinners too – a few of them, in fact, in the most weird and wonderful shapes, with similarly weird and wonderful functions.

The main thing: keep on movin’!

Against all odds, the fidget spinners are still encouraging the kids to play outdoors, especially when they’re doing tricks, balancing it on their index finger for as long as possible, or letting it fly from their hand to their knee and back – still spinning the whole time, of course. In that sense, as their parents, we take a relaxed view of this craze. We’re happy if it means that our children are spending less time sitting around idly staring at their smartphones, and more time outside playing with their spinners. And who knows? Maybe there will soon be an educational, politically correct, sustainably produced outdoor fidget spinner – with a scavenger hunt and compass function. For little fidgets who love nature, the environment and being active!

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