Foxtrail Winterthur

A multifaceted pursuit through unknown corners of the city

Foxtrail is a treasure hunt for the modern day. But instead of searching for treasure, we’re on the trail of a wily fox who’s always one step ahead!

Spend time enjoying the fresh air with your family as you discover the city in a new and surprising way. Adventurous and enterprising families can experience Foxtrail and its countless hidden highlights at various cities throughout Switzerland.

Foxtrail is an incredible experience for families that turns the city into a playground! You’ll need to crack codes and find hidden messages along the way as you try to stay on the wily fox’s trail, so be prepared for some serious puzzling. You’ll need to be smart and work as a team to solve these crafty clues. Both kids and grown-ups will be just as eager to find the answers that’ll bring them one step closer to finding the fox! But don’t worry: if you find yourselves truly stuck, you can call our helpline to get back on the trail!

Foxtrail is now also in Winterthur

Winterthur now has its own tricky Foxtrail! “Alban” is Foxtrail’s first trail in Winterthur, and leads through the idyllic old town, the nearby woods and a number of historic locations in this former industrial city. As you journey through Winterthur’s urban areas and green spaces, you’ll find yourself asking a duck for help, examining a wasp’s nest, decoding clues from the Bible and crossing an underground passageway!

The trail is mostly flat, takes between 3 and 3 1/2 hours to complete and is very child friendly. Access to the underground passageway is weather dependent. For reasons of safety, trail participants will be diverted around the tunnel if the weather is poor or if they are completing the trail with children under 12.

The “Alban” Foxtrail costs CHF 31 for adults, CHF 16 for children and CHF 79 for families. That’s all we’re giving away for now, so we encourage you to rally the whole family together and head out on the hunt for clues in and around Winterthur!

To learn more about the Winterthur Foxtrail, visit our website at, where you’ll also find lots of information on the other Foxtrails in Zurich and other Swiss cities.


Foxtrail Winterthur

Foxtrail Baden


November, 2017

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