From grain to bread

At Mühlerama, kids become master millers!

Mühlerama is a museum all about grain and bread.

Children can get a glimpse of the past and dive into the process of turning grain into bread in the working original mill, dating back to 1913, where flour is still milled every day at 3.00pm. They can take the flour they mill themselves home with them at the end and – great news for us parents! – use it to bake their own bread. Mühlerama has plenty of child-friendly events, workshops and courses on offer. It’s a great place to throw a kids’ birthday party, too.

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The talking building

The audio guided tour lasts around one hour and is a great way to explore the Tiefenbrunnen industrial mill, which is over one hundred years old. Armed with a flour brush, kids can explore the entire museum. In the audio guide, the ‘talking building’ tells all kinds of stories about the Tiefenbrunnen mill.

The mystery

The detective trail is full of secrets and offers another exciting way to explore the building. Armed with a big bunch of keys, the kids get closer to uncovering the mystery of the missing flour with every step, and find out lots of interesting and useful information about food production, nutrition and health along the way. At various stages in their journey, they must solve tricky little tasks to help crack the code to a secret hiding place at the end and find the answer to an unsolved murder case!

The milling workshop

Kids are encouraged to get their hands dirty in the milling workshop. They can mill their own flour from rye, spelt or wheat grains on a variety of different mills, and they can even try out a real stone grinder from prehistoric times. And the kids can take the flour back home with them at the end or use it to bake a bread roll in the bakery!

The bakery

There is plenty on offer for kids (and grown-ups!) to try in the bakery. Every Wednesday from 6.00pm, the big bakers’ oven is made available to anyone who wants to try baking their own bread. You can either bring your own dough and bake it in the bakery or buy the ingredients from the museum shop and prepare the bread from start to finish. On the last Saturday of every month, children and teenagers can bake a braided loaf with free assistance from experts. And of course, anyone who wants to sharpen their bread-baking skills can also attend a course at the baking school. 




December, 2017

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