Grab some fresh air!

Adventure – architecture – nature – fun – movement – city life: this walk is fun for the whole family.

Hop in a glass elevator, feed the fish, make your own cairn, fend off river pirates with a stick, sprint around, play hide-and-seek, rest your feet in warm thermal waters, throw a coin into a wishing fountain, then warm up over a coffee afterwards.

Get out of the house and into the fresh air! A breath of fresh air can often do the world of good. Of course, we’re usually thinking about the kids when we say this. But let’s be honest: sometimes a walk can also do us parents good. And that’s especially true when everyone’s part of the fun – as even the littlest will be on this stroller-friendly walk.

Start off with a stroll down Baden’s Badstrasse boulevard and carry on to Bahnhofplatz, where you take the elevator down to the Limmatpromenade. Once you arrive, grab the first sticks you find and get ready to fend off any river pirates you might meet. Turn left and head in the direction of the spa quarter. This traffic-free promenade was all but made for racing around and letting off steam. Near the Tränenbrünneli fountain, there’s a pond where you can feed the goldfish, as well as an information board about the fish that live in the Limmat.


An adventure walk along the Limmatpromenade in Baden.
A warm thermal water footbath

Once the goldfish are suitably well fed, head off past the cairns towards the famous Thermalbank foot bath. Take off your shoes and socks and dip your feet in warm thermal water that boasts the highest mineral content in Switzerland. When you’re fully refreshed, continue past the renowned Limmathof hotel and on to the Atrium Hotel Blume for a journey back in time. There’s a wishing fountain at the center of this hotel’s captivating inner courtyard, so grab your coins and MAKE A WISH!

By now you’ve probably worked up quite an appetite, so it’s time to either turn around or continue through the casino park in the direction of the station. Your final stop for the day is, a zero waste shop that’s also a popular meeting spot. And it’s not hard to see why – along with the great coffee, excellent products and top location, there’s also a large play area. With the kids busy playing, you can finally have a proper chat and enjoy your cappuccino in peace! Our tip for the kids: the babycino!

Remember to pack: some old bread for the fish, a towel, spare pants, coins for the wishing fountain


November, 2017

An article by:
Simone Frei
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