Hiking favors the brave

Saga Trail Flumserberg

When the mountain rumbles and the weather does what it wants, the mythical hike turns into a real adventure.

On our hiking day, the weather is not on our side – we sit on the chairlift to Prodalp and it’s raining cats and dogs. So, we decide to have hot cocoa before setting of for the Saga Trail. We barely start drinking our hot beverage when the sun decides to show up. We are ready for our adventure! Well, the kids are ready, we adults anxiously observe the sky that truly seems to show us all its tempers.

The kids, however, couldn’t care less. They are eager to start their adventure and read the information panels, follow all the instructions, and try to solve the puzzles. They are up for the challenge and want to help the «Wilde Mannli» who caused so much mischief that he was banished into the world of legends. Now he is sorry for the trouble he caused and wants to make up for his past mistakes. 

Despite the fast-changing weather, we are ready to tackle the tasks at hand in order to help the «Wilde Mannli» get back to the real world. We try to assign the right names to the mountain peaks in front of us and imagine how the monumental Sichelkamm mountain fold in the mountain massif opposite was formed about 30 million years ago.

Who cares about the weather, when you’re having a good time.
Playing scrabble with alphabet cookies. Yummy!

A windy picnic

It’s cold and windy, but my children don’t seem to be bothered. The king of the dwarfs, aka my oldest son, leads the way and my nine-year-old enchanted fairy together with my five-year-old prince of the lights follow dutifully – as if a hike in this weather was the most normal thing.

So, it comes as no surprise that they chose the windiest place for their picnic. But wind wasn’t the reason, we couldn’t build a fire – I forgot the matches at home. Fortunately, some good souls built a shelter for the fire wood, big enough for us to sit in it and enjoy our lunch. We happily eat the curry we brought from home and cold Cervelat sausage. And with the alphabet cookies we play desert scrabble. Finally, grandma spots a little bit of blue sky between the trees and we are rewarded with sunshine and a beautiful rainbow.

The clouds are clearing and we continue our hike, following the play stations and information panels. I’m glad it’s not raining, it’s so much easier to write the solutions on dry paper. Since post number two, I’ve been the official secretary to my kids since they have much more important things to do in this fascinating alpine world.



Time flies when you’re having fun      

We continue our hike and discover animals carved out of wood, follow ants made of steel, knock on a trunk of tree and listen to the sound it makes on the other side.

We are captured by the story of the «Wilde Mannli» and the games and completely lose track of time. So much so, that we just narrowly catch one of the last chairlifts that brings us down to the valley. Lucky us! An unwanted hike down to the valley would have been a bit too much. We are relieved to be sitting in the gondola and very happy that we were able to help the «Wilde Mannli» get back to this earth.


Saga Trail Flumserberg

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June 2020

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Rémy Kappeler is blogging as hiking dad on blog.wandern.ch, he is the senior editor of the magazine WANDERN.CH of Swiss hiking trails. Today, his three kids nurture this healthy ambition he previously had when he was climbing to summits.
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