Winter fun in Stoos – an adventure for the whole family

Ski, sled or airboard – Stoos offers fun snow activities for everyone

Stoos: action, fun and nature all at once

Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and beautiful lakes, the idyllic mountain village Stoos is welcoming adventure and nature-loving families. The small but beautiful snow paradise in Central Switzerland, which is situated on a plateau at 1,305 m above sea level, can be reached quickly and easily from anywhere in Switzerland by car or train. The unique location offers everything a winter-sport-loving family may desire: from skiing to sledding right up to airboarding.

A steep ascent into another world

The exciting ascent alone is worth the trip: in only four minutes, the steepest funicular in the world brought us right into the center of the car-free ski resort. To do so, the barrel-shaped carriages had to overcome a gradient of 110%! Our sons – who admittedly are already quite used to steep funiculars – were visibly and audibly impressed. While we were surrounded by grey and humid fog at the valley station, a few moments later, we were welcomed by a sunny and fairytale-like winter wonderland!

The steepest funicular in the world brings us into the heart of Stoos.
View of Fronalpstock in the back and "Kinderland" in the village center.

Family-friendly slopes for skiers of all ages

Stoos offers 35 km of slopes, which can be reached with 6 ski lifts. While the little-ones do their first attempts at "Kinderland" in the village center, where a practice slope with magic carpet helps them learn how to ski in a safe environment, our boys explore the slopes of Fronalpstock with us.

The top of Fronalpstock offers one of the most beautiful views in Central Switzerland: at 1,922 m above sea level, the world opens up in front of us with a wonderful panoramic view of the mountain peaks and numerous lakes of Central Switzerland. While we skied down the slopes we couldn’t help but stop from time to time in order to admire the stunning nature that surrounded us. Our boys especially liked the fact that they were able to recognize several mountains we already climbed together!

Sledding and airboarding

The sled run starts at Fronalpstock top station and is one of the most beautiful runs in Switzerland thanks to its breathtaking view. The 2-km-long run to Mettlen is quite steep and requires concentration and attention, making it unsuitable for smaller kids.

This time, our boys were gracious enough to come ski with us. But next time, and this is already set in stone, they will definitely try airboarding – with, or without us. Fortunately, one can also "only" sled…!

Restaurants and accommodations

An outdoor day like this makes you hungry and tired – the good kind. Both on Fronalpstock and in the village, families find various restaurants and hotels – some of them are right next to the slopes. Just in case your day trip turns into a family holiday.

Our lunch at the cozy summit restaurant Fronalpstock on top of Fronalpstock was another highlight. The "Wellness-Rösti" (hash browns) and veal sausages with onion sauce were not only comfort food at its best, they also provided the necessary energy for the second part of our ski day.

Our conclusion: A ton of fun and nature for kids and adults

Families like ours who love to do sports and be outdoors will find everything their heart desires in Stoos. The picturesque ski resort surprised us with a great range of activities for children, teens and adults at very fair prizes. As a family that appreciates car-free and down-to-earth ski resorts, we especially liked the relatively small size of the place – parents can let their children go on their own and take a break or two on one of the many sundecks in the village and the slopes.

Stoos – we will be back. On skis or airboards!


Stoos in winter

Crest Hike Stoos


Winter sports in the Children’s Region


January 2020


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