A great way to spend a gray day in Baden

The rainy-day failsafe for family fun: the Swiss Children’s Museum in Baden.

In the beautiful villa on Ländliweg, it’s all about the world of childhood from present, past, and even longer ago. But it’s also about experiencing the world from different perspectives.

It’s another gray and rainy day in Switzerland. There’s been quite a few this year, so a trip to the Children’s Museum is very welcome. It’s a chance to immerse ourselves in the colorful world of childhood, a world that spans generations. What did Mom and Dad play with? What did a classroom look like when Grandma and Grandpa went to school? Didn’t Grandma play with Elsa the Snow Queen? Didn’t Grandpa use YouTube? It’s incredible, and the right time for a fascinating discussion that expands the world of childhood as they know it. At least in our house.


We were also surprised by how much our little one loved the exhibit on the senses. Where do we taste sweet, salty and sour flavors on our tongues? She loved taking part in experiments on hearing and touch, although she usually can’t sit still. In the Children’s Museum, it was exactly the opposite.


In the extended special exhibition ‘Little and big worlds’, the life-sized figure of the 2.72-meter tall Robert Wadlow, the tallest person in history, had already captured our attention in the entrance hall. His impressive dimensions can be experienced up close by the kids with a staircase in the back. Throughout the exhibition, you can also trace various life stories all about body sizes with audiovisual displays.


In the film box, the same film sequence from a grocery store is shown again and again, recorded by various subjects: one from the perspective of a dog, one from that of a small child and one of a grown adult. This clearly shows how the perspective of space changes.


The current special exhibition is all about the dream of flying. Dad’s highlight was flying high as an eagle in the mountains on a VR journey, while Mom used virtual reality to board an aircraft and enjoyed a flight over Rapperswil. Only children aged 12 and above can prepare for take-off; younger children can wear the VR glasses for a trip through a cozy lounge. But the whole concept of virtual reality was too much for our little one. No matter: Mom and Dad had fun all the same.


Swiss Children’s Museum


April, 2018

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Simone Frei
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