The mountains are calling

Head for the snow and hit the slopes!

 „S hät Schnee, juhee, und s git nomeh, s’isch alles wiis veruss!
Ich legg mi aa zum Usägah und bliib dä ganz Tag duss!“
(Andrew Bond)

Who doesn’t know this classic winter song for children? It’s a cheerful invitation to head out of your warm living room and into the fresh winter air. And quite right, too, since it’s particularly important for kids and grown-ups to get outside and keep active during the cold season. The cool air does you good: it strengthens your circulation and gets your body moving, leaving your spirits well and truly restored. So, it’s high time to hit the slopes!

Family ski days are great fun: not only do they create magical, lasting memories for the kids, but they give grown-ups the chance to revisit some unforgettable times of their own. The glittering white spectacle never fails to captivate. We only have a short window during the year to enjoy gliding through it on our skis, and that’s exactly what makes it so special. Everyone falls under its spell, and high spirits and a great atmosphere are guaranteed – provided you follow a few guidelines:

Patience works wonders

Skiing with children only works when kids (and adults) are relaxed and can actually enjoy the whole trip. While some children take to skiing very early on, others need a little more time before they’re willing to make their first attempts. Impatience and pressure won’t help. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Mom, Dad or Snowly?

We all feel more comfortable among our peers, and kids are no exception. That’s why children often learn to ski more easily when they attend ski school with kids of their own age. Mom and Dad can be good teachers too, of course, if they approach the task with plenty of patience. But Snowly already has years of experience – not to mention nerves of steel!

Skis for kids: rent or buy?

Buying the full ski kit for a child requires plenty of thought. If you’re lucky enough to be on the slopes throughout the season, then buying might be worthwhile. But generally, children grow so fast that the equipment you buy for one season won’t fit them when the next comes round. What’s more, it’s often hard to tell at first if a child will even enjoy skiing. During the early years, then, renting is usually the more sensible, cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Do those ski pants still fit?

As we all know, kids grow incredibly quickly. Do their ski outfits from last year even fit them anymore? And their heads aren’t getting any smaller either – are those helmets still as snug and secure? Are their ski goggles still scratch free? Do they offer the same safe and unobstructed view as before? And are all those little accessories still around? Maybe there’s a lonely shoe or a forgotten sock lying somewhere in a forest, lost on the last ski run of the previous season, its absence unnoticed by anyone since then. A timely check to ensure your winter and skiing wardrobes are wearable, suitable (in other words: safe) and fully stocked is particularly important with kids.

Where can I go skiing in my area?

10 ski areas near Zurich


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