Time out for two

A day out with my middle child

On family days out with the kids, it’s easy to lose focus on the individuals. All the more reason, then, to plan a special day with one of the children.

There’s no denying it: if you have more than one child, you don’t always have time to give each of them special attention. The first one wants help with their homework, the second wants you to listen to their musical efforts, and the third has decided it’s finally time to build the Playmobil knight’s castle. And of course, all of this happens at once, right before dinner. Reason enough, in our book, to set aside some time every month for a special day alone with one of the kids. On this occasion, it was our middle child’s turn. On the program: a forest walk to the Jurablick teahouse on the Uetliberg before heading on to the Thermalbad & Spa Zürich wellness center.

Jurablick teahouse

The Jurablick teahouse on Zurich’s Uetliberg mountain may no longer be a well-kept secret, but time still seems to pass a little more slowly here on the cozy terrace of the Bergfreunde Alpina association’s clubhouse. That might be due to the magnificent view over the Säuliamt region and the surrounding mountains – or perhaps it’s the seclusion of this pretty little hideaway that does it. The teahouse is nestled in the dense forest between the Uetliberg terminus and Ringlikon station on the Uetliberg railway line, which leaves from Zurich main station.

During the busy fall season, when the city below is blanketed in fog, tourists tend to flock to the Uto Kulm restaurant at the summit of the Uetliberg. At the Jurablick, meanwhile, you’ll mostly find yourself keeping company with Zurich residents, who haven’t missed the little wooden signposts for the fork in the path as you head down into the valley from the Uetliberg terminus. The menu offers seasonal, local food that’s been lovingly prepared, including soups, cheese- and sausage platters as well as delicious desserts.


December, 2017



Thermalbad & Spa Zürich

While away the day above the rooftops of Zurich in the relaxing, 35-degree waters at this converted brewery. The view from the outdoor bath area over the sea of city lights is particularly spectacular in the evenings. It almost feels as if you could swim straight out into town. Inside, you can relax in the herbal steam room, in the shallow-water pool with its underwater music system, and in the three huge wooden hot tubs and small Kneipp therapy area in the main baths.


December, 2017

An article by:
Nicole Gutschalk und Andrea Bornhauser
Our favorite thing is to take our children exploring in the most beautiful spots around our home city of Zurich. Together, we run the online platform familianistas.ch, where we share fashion, lifestyle, food and travel tips with modern families.
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