Time to hit the ice

The ice skating tradition

Are your skates ready to carve up the ice? Then get on that ice and start pirouetting, dribbling a puck or taking a penguin for a stroll.

“Mom, can we go ice skating again?” That phrase, uttered every year by my kids, strikes fear into my heart. Even just the word “ice skate” triggers my leg cramps. That said, when I was young I spent nearly every winter Wednesday morning at the ice rink. I carved up the smooth ice to the sounds of Madonna, Wham and Aha, hand in hand with my friends. But with kids in tow, it’s another matter. It begins with an unbelievably wobbly hike from the changing rooms to the rink. It’s as though we’re dancing clumsily across an invisible sea of eggshells. But this type of physical coordination has to be learned – and that’s why we’re here. Our local ice rink is the Dolder in Zurich. The place where my children’s grandmother once learned to skate. And since I’m a sucker for tradition, I’m going to lace up my skates again this year and do a few laps of the ice at Zürichberg. If necessary, I’ll just grab on to one of those polar bear skating aids to give my calves a rest.


Zielbau Arena

Multifunctional and modern: the Zielbau Arena is an ice rink and event venue that not only offers top notch skating, but also modern facilities, fabulous acoustics and multifunctional infrastructure. 




The ice rink at Zürichberg was built in 1930 and is one of the largest public ice skating rinks in Europe. The magical atmosphere is popular among skaters of all ages. 



Oerlikon Sports Center

Oerlikon Sports Center has both indoor and outdoor ice rinks and it’s the home ground of the ZSC ice hockey club. The outdoor rink is also open to the public. 


Heuried Sports Center

Hockey players and figure skaters are joined by ice skating enthusiasts young and old.



Bossard Arena

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s room for everyone at Bossard Arena’s outdoor ice rink. 

January, 2018
An article by:
Nicole Gutschalk und Andrea Bornhauser
Our favorite thing is to take our children exploring in the most beautiful spots around our home city of Zurich. Together, we run the online platform familianistas.ch, where we share fashion, lifestyle, food and travel tips with modern families.
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