On the move together

Traveling with small children is stressful. Yet there are good reasons to go ahead and do it anyway.

On the move together

Why do we do it? To be honest: sometimes, we ask ourselves that question, too.

Like when we’ve planned a fun-packed day (park! ice cream! ducks!) and our child doesn’t want any of it, but screams for a pacifier in a voice that could shatter glass instead.

Or when we just want to finally sit down after a hectic day (which, of course, started at 6 a.m., even on holiday) with a glass of white wine and enjoy the sunset, but it turns to be just that time in the evening when they simply have to look at one more book in the semi-darkness.

Yes, there are moments where you could turn back time to when you had more of it. But then there are the other ones.

The enthusiasm of children is honest
On the move together

Discovering the world together – from different perspectives

Traveling with children is not just stressful – it is often quite wonderful, too. Our perceptions are completely different to those of our children.

While a walk through the fall forest was the highlight of our day, the children have already decided before dinner that they want to have a bear for a pet, too, just because there happened to be a picture of one at the kiosk in the wildlife park.

They ask us questions we have to Google first (“What do crabs really eat?”), and we learn something ourselves. They notice little details: the length of a groundhog’s tongue, a heart-shaped stone, the bug with the patterned shell on the balcony door. Things which, to be honest, we have simply overlooked ourselves, because we, as grown-ups, have forgotten the art of looking at things with an open mind.

The enthusiasm of children is honest – never overcooked or underdone. There is nothing more wonderful than hearing your kids squealing with excitement when they find a lizard for the 352nd time.

On the move together

Traveling as a family can also make you proud. Discovering a region together and now and then saying something like: “I don't know, come on, let’s find out together”. I don't have any illusions about the fact that one day, my smallest children will hardly be able to remember anything about their first travel experiences.

But they might remember a feeling, a scent, a moment, where they felt happy with us. These are memories that you don't have to fly halfway round the world to find. You can find them in the woods on the next hill over. But we think it's great they are there.


October, 2017

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