A city tour with club and golf ball

Urban Golf – golf your way through Winterthur

A fun-filled and unique sightseeing tour through Winterthur.


Like golfing, but different

In a way, Urban Golf is like golf, but then again, it’s totally different. The latest version of the classic sport isn’t played on golf courses, but in the heart of the city where you tee off on the streets, in vacant industrial buildings, city parks and squares. In order to play, you neither need a handicap nor experience nor a big wallet.


No holes, but goals

Other than with classic golf, you don’t have to hit a hole but a goal. The bull’s eyes are on trees, old cars, a wooden well and even trash bins. In order to avoid any damage or accidents, the golf balls are made of soft and light material – that’s why you won’t be able to hit them a long way.

Lane 1: Labüsch
Hit the goal!

A tour that leads you from industrial buildings to squares and parks

The Urban Golf parcours in Winterthur starts at the Skills Park. After we got our equipment, we were ready to hit the ball. The tour led us through Winterthur, past industrial buildings, public squares and beautiful parks.

At each lane, the tees and goals are marked with the Urban Golf logo. On the map, you see how many strikes are needed to play each lane. It took us approximately two hours to do all the lanes. Simultaneously, we discovered the city, had fun and nobody got bored.


Urban Golf is fun

Urban Golf isn’t difficult to play. You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to finish the tour. However, we soon realized that it would be helpful to know how to tee off properly, since we always needed more strikes to hit the goal than suggested – but we still had a ton of fun!


Discovering new corners of Winterthur with Urban Golf

One thing we liked in particular: The exciting parcours led us past different parts of the town, we didn’t know or notice before. Which allowed us to discover a completely new side of Winterthur. Furthermore, the unique city tour really showed us why Winterthur is also called the Garden City: There are numerous public green spaces, beautiful parks, magnificent gardens and groves.



Once we finished the parcours, we took a stroll around the Old Town of Winterthur and had a break in one of the numerous charming cafés. If hunger and starvation are at the forefront after having golfed your way through Winterthur, you can have a bite at the Skills Park where you bring back your equipment.


An adventure for children and parents alike

Urban Golf wasn’t only a blast for our boys, we too, loved it! It’s also a great outing for groups or a birthday party, for example. You can also book a pro who will show you the whereabouts and all you need to know.


Urban Golf Winterthur


May 2019

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