Discover Zug Castle with Lilli as your guide

A visit to the Burg Museum, Zug with kids

Follow the clues, dress up all while getting to know the city of Zug.

The Burg in Zug has been the backdrop to many Fairytale Sundays, old town strolls and Detective-Trails, but until recently, I had never considered taking the kids inside. Frankly, I don't often take my kids to visit museums. I fear they will make too much noise, touch something they aren't supposed to or mention the dreaded "bored" word. But museums are becoming more and more open to children, and with the Burg’s kid-friendly focus, it was time to give it a go.

Following the cobbled stoned streets through Zug's upper old town, the Burg is hard to miss as it rises from the center of its crenellated defensive walls. As we ventured into the castle grounds, we stumble upon the comic character, Lili, whose job it is to motivate the castle’s young visitors. She is inside the entrance hall too, which is where we picked up her deck of clues to guide the older kids through the exhibits. There is a yellow over-the-shoulder bag full of clues (German only) for the Kindergartener too. With our jackets and bags stored away in lockers, we head up the stairs following Lilli's instructions to begin our visit.

In front of Museum Burg Zug in the heart of the old town.
Lili’s deck of clues that guides us through the exhibition.

Our first stop took us straight into the world of medieval battles. We learned about the brave and internationally feared confederate fighters and imagined what it would have been like to be weighed down by the heavy armour on display. Lilli's clues moved us from room to room, and sometimes we even needed a torch to see the writing. We listened to tales from people who called the Burg home and entered into a Baroque world to count angels.

Following the clues up to the second floor, we moved into the games room and quickly took up the offer to play the games laid out on the table. The older kids played chess while the 5-year-old and I grabbed the Jass cards for a game of "Tschau Sepp" (a card game for children). We did though wonder why there was a games room here in the first place. The drawer in the cabinet next solved the puzzle: Swiss playing cards dating back to the 18th century, found during the castle's renovation. I wonder if back then they knew how to play "Tschau Sepp", too?

It was also in this room where we discovered some of the oldest wallpaper ever found in Switzerland. Between creating our own wallpaper on the screens next to the original and playing games, we could have stayed in this one room all afternoon.



But with more clues to find, we moved on to rooms inspired by the French aristocracy, talked about unique personal collections, peeked into a chemist's shop and sang songs in the workshop of a shoemaker. Lilli took us into a room filled with stained-glass windows where we learned that Zug was once known the country over for its skills. The kids loved lighting up the giant model of the city of Zug and seeing just how things have changed over the year.  With so much to take in, we noted for the future the (almost) monthly family "Adventure Tours" where history comes to life. (On the last Sunday of most months).

The crowning finish to our visit came at the very top of the castle. The gasp of my own little princess said it all: a room filled with books, toys castles to play with and a box full of dress-ups that not just the 5-year-old enjoyed. Note to self, remember this place on a cold rainy winters day or as a unique birthday party location.

Before we knew it, our visit to the Burg had to come to an end. As the doors shut behind us at 5pm, we walked back towards the Zug’s clock tower with the purpose to fill our tummies before the drive back home. We decided to pop into Bistro Zum Pfauen and discussed our favorite parts of the afternoon over cherry cupcakes and glasses of Rivella. For the Teen, it was the games room and the Tween, it was following all the clues. For the 5-year-old, it wasn't such a simple choice, but considering a toy castle is now on her Christmas wish list, I think you can imagine what it was.


Museum Burg Zug


November 2019

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