Interactive museums and exhibitions for children

Explore and experience the secrets of nature and major scientific achievements with the whole family in these exhibitions and museums.

What can we do to save the environment? Where do animals and human beings come from and how does our organism work? How do indigenous people live and with what did children play in ancient times? The following places are an interactive playground for researches and explorers of all ages. In interactive exhibitions and workshops, they learn in a playful way how the world works, what is and what used to be. In the following places, they can probe, explore, research, observe and analyze.

Winterthur | Monday – Sunday


Looking into the eye of a storm, playing drums with raindrops or creating huge soap bubbles: Discover natural phenomena and technology first-hand and with all senses.
Volketswil | Monday – Sunday

Explorit Kindercity

Hands-on science and technology: From the factory workshop to the lab, children get an insight into the world of science and are welcome to participate.
Zurich | Tuesday – Sunday


Please DO touch: At the Kulturama, everybody who is hungry for knowledge can go on a hands-on journey to the origins of life and feel first-hand how the human heart beats.
Baden | Tuesday – Sunday

Swiss Children’s Museum

In this magnificent villa and in two interactive exhibitions, children of today discover how the children of the past used to live and play.
Zurich | Tuesday – Sunday

Nonam – North American Native Museum

From the vast prairies to the ice-covered Arctic: Visitors are guided through a sensual course that reflects the history of the indigenous people.
Baden | Tuesday – Sunday

Baden Museum of History

Interactively and equipped with a tablet, little researchers learn about the history and people of Baden from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.
Zurich | Tuesday – Sunday

Swiss National Museum

From prehistoric times to the present day – families explore Switzerland’s cultural history armed with a suitcase, maps, magnifying glasses and puzzles.
Spreitenbach | Wednesday – Sunday

Umweltarena Spreitenbach

In exciting and interactive exhibitions, environmental researchers of all ages learn about sustainability and what we can do to save our planet.
Baar | Monday – Sunday (closed during winter)

Höllgrotten Caves Baar

Mysterious rock formations, hidden lakes and plays of light – in the Lorze ravine, a wonderfully mystic world is waiting to be discovered.

Multifaceted Zurich

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