Interactive museums and exhibitions for children

Explore and experience the secrets of nature and major scientific achievements with the whole family in these exhibitions and museums.

What can we do to save the environment? Where do animals and human beings come from and how does our organism work? How do indigenous people live and with what did children play in ancient times? The following places are an interactive playground for researches and explorers of all ages. In interactive exhibitions and workshops, they learn in a playful way how the world works, what is and what used to be. In the following places, they can probe, explore, research, observe and analyze.

Hagedorn | Wednesday – Sunday (closed during winter)

Ziegelei Museum

In this ancient brick factory, the little ones get hands-on right away: By working with clay on the “Zwergenwerkplatz”, breaking bricks in the clay pit or driving with the trolley.
Rapperswil | Monday – Friday

Knies Kinderzoo

Go on a zoo safari at Knies Kinderzoo, study the animals like a real explorer and discover unexpected things.
Zug | Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Tinkerlab Zug

A hands-on workshop for the inventors of tomorrow: Children and adolescents, age nine and older, can realize their own projects and ideas with the help of coaches.
Käpfnach | Saturday

Coal mine Käpfnach

Getting a fascinating insight into the 100-year-old mining tradition followed by a thrilling rail ride through the dark mining tunnel.

Multifaceted Zurich

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