Castles, fortresses and ruins in the Children’s Region

Follow the traces of the past and discover how people used to live in the early days.

Knights, barons, queens and kings, legendary battles and peasant life. The Children's Region has many exciting stories from the past to tell. Visit and explore the numerous castles, fortresses or their remains, follow the path of legendary battles and discover life in the early days. Travel back in time with interactive games, wear traditional clothes from medieval times, see how children played and what they ate – below, a list of places, where history comes to life for a first-hand and unforgettable experience.


Kyburg Castle

Kids visiting the castle are allowed to touch, try and explore: Dress up in medieval clothes and see how comfortable a bed made of leaves really is.

Ruins of Stein Castle

Whether alone or on a guided tour, the ruin Stein tells the exciting story of the castle and gives an insight into the life of ancient times.

Rapperswil Castle

The landmark of Rapperswil is more than a castle, it also houses the Polish Museum and – since 1871 – impressive fallow deer in the deer park.

Ritterhaus Bubikon

An excursion to the knights of the 12th century: Learn everything about the history of the order, admire old coins and discover medicinal herbs.

Regensburg Castle

To protect against enemies, a strategic position was essential – today, explorers climb the round tower and enjoy the view of the region.

Laufen Castle

A castle surrounded by waterfalls: The Historama tells its 1,000-year-old story and the exhibition takes the visitors on a journey to the Middle Ages.

Morgarten Trail

Today's children walk along the trail of the memorable Battle of Morgarten and learn with radio plays what has happened according to legend.

Museum Burg

Equipped with a castle bag, little historians discover the museum and the history it displays, they can play dress-up and travel back in time.

Hegi Castle

With its everyday objects, armors, weapons and even food from the Middle Ages, the castle provides a unique insight into the culture of the past.