Indoor action and fun in the Children’s Region

Weather looking gloomy? Let your kids run riot at these adventure indoor playgrounds and fun parks.

Come rain or shine, kids want to let off steam, discover the undiscovered and explore their limits. The Children’s Region has numerous indoor playgrounds, fun parks and other offers, where kids and families have a blast, no matter what the forecast has in store.

Let’s go higher and higher on the trampoline. Master the skateboard, bike or stunt scooter. Let’s climb walls, take off for an exciting body diving session, race each other in go-karts or learn about the history of football. For the next family outing, the options are endless. In the spaces listed below, kids of all ages are welcome to run, jump, slide and swing.

Winterthur | 5 years and older


Forget gravity! Experience what flying feels like and feel the rush of freefall in the wind channel.
Winterthur | 1 year and older


More than 12 attractions to play, experience and discover. To ensure that everyone has fun, the games have been adapted to meet a wide range of needs.
Winterthur | from 1 to 14 years old

Funpark Deutweg

Playing neon mini golf in the Funpark or an action-filled game in the LasergameZone while the little ones run, jump and play on the Piratolino playground.
Pfäffikon, SZ | 3 years and older


From maze walls to air hockey, basketball pitches, slides and trampolines. This paradise for children offers everything an action-loving heart desires.

Multifaceted Zurich

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