Rhine Falls and its Surroundings

A visit to the Rhine Falls and its surroundings is a highlight for the whole family at any season.

  • Rhine Falls
    Schloss Laufen
  • Historama
    Boat trip

Covered in snow and ice or in the middle of summer, surrounded by green nature - Europe's biggest waterfall is always a great sight. Those who can muster the courage go on an exciting boat trip with the "Rhyfall-Mändli" to the mighty rock surrounded by thundering masses of water. For those who’d rather have it a bit more comfortable: there is a 15-minute round trip in the Rhine Falls basin.

The 1000-year-old Schloss Laufen is located high above the waterfall and is always worth a visit! In the Historama exhibition, children and adults, learn about the castle’s history in an exciting and interactive way. If you’d rather stay in the present: The largest indoors miniature world in Switzerland is just around the corner. On a scale of 1:87, Smilestones Miniature World has reproduced the greatest Swiss milestones with great attention to detail and humor.

Come rain or shine, be it warm or cold outside – the Rhine Falls and its surroundings offers numerous exciting excursions for the whole family at any season.


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