The ruins of Stein Castle

Once upon a time, the magnificent Stein Castle towered over the city. Today, a ruin full of fairytale stories is all that remains of this bygone time.

You can feel rightfully proud of yourself once you reach the heights of the ruins of Stein Castle. And King Albert of Habsburg probably felt even prouder all those years ago, when he lived in beautiful Stein Castle. The exciting stories of his life can still be traced in the old ruins – and heard on the Stein Castle city tour especially for children (only available in German).

In addition to thrilling stories, the tour offers breathtaking views over the roofs of Baden’s old town to the vineyards at the edge of the city. The fully preserved St. Niklaus chapel and the gunpowder cellar also offer an insight into life in the past.

Further information about the ruins of Stein Castle.

Further information about the German city tour "Das Schloss Stein. Rite, rite Rössli, z Bade stoht es Schlössli" for children.

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