Baden with children

Whether it’s a forest adventure, big city playgrounds, swimming in the Limmat or the pool, interactive museums or special tours for children – you can enjoy a great trip with your family, whatever the weather.

For many families, Baden is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Children can enjoy a wealth of exciting cultural activities in this town that’s packed with culture. Baden has also just been named a “child-friendly community” by UNICEF, showing the variety of experiences it has to offer families. Baden is particularly committed to helping children and young people, and wants to help families grow up in an exciting environment. 

All family activities in the Baden region


Come enjoy Switzerland’s most mineral-rich thermal baths with your kids.

Three hundred years of childhood culture is brought back to life in a magnificent villa in Baden.

A visit to the former villa of an industrial family offers a journey through time for the whole family.

Cultural History
Discover the daily life of families from different historical eras with Frank the bat.

ArchitectureVantage Points
Once upon a time, the magnificent Stein Castle towered over the city. Today, a ruin full of fairytale stories is all that remains of this bygone time.


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