Bergbeizli-Weg Stoos

A pleasure hike for cheese lovers and foodies of all ages near the mountain village of Stoos.

  • Distance: 4.3 km
    Duration: about 1 hour
    Start/finish: top station funicular
  • Accessible for strollers
    Seven mountain inns
    Suitable for children
  • Culinary path
    Alpine cheese tasting

This excursion starts out as a great experience even before you arrive at the Bergbeizli-Weg trail. That’s because the way to this hiking trail is marked by a steep ascent – with the steepest funicular in the world. Once you’ve arrived at the top, you can start your hike. And because the trail is a relatively easy one, the little ones can join in the fun too.

If you take the family-friendly tour around the mountain village of Stoos, the Alpchäs(S)pass (Alpine Cheese Fun Pass) will make the hike twice as fun. The doors of six mountain inns are wide open and ready to welcome little foodies, who can use their Pass to sample delicious Alpine cheeses of their choice at three inns and learn about local cheese types.

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  Alpine Cheese Fun Pass
3 Vouchers CHF 15

Opening Hours

From Mai to October
(opening hours restaurants