Freddy Fratzel adventure trail in Wildberg

This adventure trail in Wildberg tells children the story of Freddy Fratzel and asks them to help search for Freddy’s favorite socks.

  • Distance: 5 km
    Duration: about 3 hours
    Walking time: about 1.5 hrs
  • Start/finish: Stöcklerstrasse
    Play stations
    Accessible for strollers
  • Suitable for children
    Fun and imaginative
    Barbecue area
  • Freddy buns

This baby-stroller-accessible adventure trail starts at the Stöcklerstrasse/Luegetenstrasse intersection and takes you through the Wildberg Forest. There are various play stations where children can find out how Freddy fared in his search for his favorite socks and what obstacles he had to overcome on the way. Children can balance on tree trunks, walk barefoot on the forest floor or amble over suspension bridges. Precision and power of recall are the name of the game at the throwing wall and during the sock memory challenge.

The barbecue area for a well-earned break is located on the Obere Luegeten. The hike takes an hour and a half, but together with the games you should plan on about 3 hours.

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Opening Hours

all year round