Habsburger Trail: Baden – Brugg

The origins of one of Europe’s greatest noble families are not rooted in a kingdom but in Switzerland! The Habsburger trail tells this family’s origin story.

  • Distance: 13 km
    Duration: about 3 hours
    Start: Baden
  • Finish: Brugg
    Experience history
    Great view Ruins of Stein
  • Habi von Habsburg

The royal bird Habi von Habsburg accompanies all its guests on the Habsburger trail and tells the story of the noble family that has its roots in this area.

The journey begins in the beautiful Old Town of Baden and winds along the busy streets and historic medieval house fronts. Then comes an easy ascent to the Ruins of Stein, where the Habsburg family regularly met and, one day, had quite a quarrel. After a stroll through the forest and a magnificent view of the Wasserschloss, the path goes down to the rivers Turgi and Reuss, until you reach Brugg.

Tipp: The detour to the Königsfelden Monastery is worth it. Information boards tell the visitors what cruelty happened to one of the noblemen.

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