Hörnli Scooter Track

Get some fresh air and have yourself an adventure! Race down to Steg on a scooter rented from the Hörnli alpine inn: now that’s fun for the entire family.

  • 20-minute travel time
    Guests aged 8 years and up
    Start: Hörnli alpine inn
  • Destination: Steg
    Scooter rental at the inn
    Tösstal countryside

Speed is the name of the game at the popular mountain destination of Hörnli. After some well-earned relaxation in the cozy Hörnli mountain inn, it’s time to fasten your helmets, get on your scooter and race down the mountain at full speed! The scooter track offers a fast-paced and diverse ride through the Tösstal countryside to Steg for the entire family.

The mountain inn can only be reached by foot. The scooters are rented on site. After about a 20-minute ride, the scooters can be returned at the Steg train station.
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Adults CHF 20
Children up to 16 years CHF 15