Munggeweg trail Amden

High above Amden and Walensee, groundhog Amdo welcomes friends of all ages on the Munggenweg.

  • Distance: 3.6 km
    Duration: about 2 hours
    Start: Mattstock
  • Finish: village of Amden
    12 adventure stations
    Accessible to baby strollers
  • Difficulty level: easy
    Suitable for children
    Wooden marble run
  • Barefoot path
    Barbecue area

This loop trail starts at the chairlift’s top station, traverses the Amden ridgeway to the Strichbode alpine inn and then ascends to the viewing tower. Along the way, children can enjoy 12 play stations, starting with touch boxes and balancing boards, and then continuing on to the petting zoo before reaching the viewing tower with a wooden marble run and finally two suspended bridges and the barefoot path.

The goal is to reach the Murmeliwand (hedgehog wall), where visitors can take a souvenir photo with Amdo. For those who want to continue their adventure, the “Amdo Mungg und Walis Schatz” adventure trail in Betlis on Walensee offers a treasure hunt and fun puzzles to solve.

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Opening Hours

April 1 to Octobre 31

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