Naturena Sensory Trail

How do animals find their way in nature using their senses? On this sensory trail, young explorers will discover how animals see, smell, taste and get their bearings in their surroundings.

  • Distance: about 4 km
    Duration: about 1 hour
    Start/finish: Raten pass
  • Eight adventure stations
    Accessible to baby strollers
    Suitable for children
  • Puzzles for all five senses
    Barbecue areas
    Adventure trail

What’s that loud noise? And what’s that creeping slowly through the woods? What’s that smell and why don’t all animals have the same body temperature? How important is sense of balance and why do some birds need sound waves to know where they are going? On this sensory trail, children can learn all about the special skills of animals; and at some stations they can even try out for themselves how the denizens of the forest and meadows hills see, hear, touch and feel. So keep your ears to the ground and your eyes open. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

The Naturena sensory trail takes about one hour to complete, not including time for games and breaks. The trail features three barbecue areas as well as the St. Jost mountain inn where you can enjoy some tasty refreshments.

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Opening Hours

From March 21 to October 31